A Very Warm Welcome to BSL

We are proud to be a part of the friendly and welcoming city of Lome. Providing a British style education to both Togolese and expat children from around the World, with a unique local flavour and a strong French influence for our Francophone learners and parents.

Our staff are qualified and predominantly come from English speaking countries and have a wealth of international experience, from the snows of Moscow to the jungles of SouthEast Asia, via the deserts of the Arabian Gulf. As well as training and experience in their home countries.

The learners in the school come from over 36 countries and we enjoy celebrating this amazing diversity with events such as our International Week. Small international schools such as ours enable us to have a very nurturing environment and give the teachers small classes which allow for greater interaction with the learners and helps staff to get to really know the personalities, strengths and areas for development for all of their classes. This in turn help the learners as they grow, from those initial stages of learning to read and acquire phonics and gross motor skills in the Foundation Stage right up to the globally minded young adults studying for their IB diplomas in VI form, preparing for university and life beyond.

Two of my favourite quotes about Education come from the genius who was Albert Einstein and from Aristotle; both are relevant to our approach here at BSL. Einstein said: “Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think”. It is equipping our learners for the future as well as giving them the skills they need to read and write today that is important. Linked to this is a very important view from Aristotle who said: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” This is why we have regular PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) lessons and carry out activities for charities. We certainly hope to work with parents to produce well rounded learners who are ready for the jobs of the future and will help spread the warmth of their experiences at BSL and in Togo with the World.

Tim Aviss

Head of School