Welcome to the Secondary Section at The British School of Lome. Students who join us can expect to have a rigorous, challenging, creative and fun experience. We pride ourselves on the high expectations and a personalised learning experience that we design for our school community.

Learners can expect to be pushed and challenged with what they learn and what is expected of them, both inside and outside the classroom. At BSL we strive to develop students who are global citizens and confident leaders capable of affecting change in the world and making a difference. To do this, we build resilience, confidence, creativity and communication skills through all aspects of our curriculum. The academic qualifications that students gain are world recognised, but we expect our students to leave us with much more than academic certificates: a sense of purpose and the confidence to face challenges.

Part of becoming an effective global citizen is the ability to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. BSL is a school that places great importance on language learning in both primary and secondary school. All students study English, French and Spanish and instruction is differentiated to enable all students to reach their full potential, regardless of their starting point. We also acknowledge, encourage and celebrate other cultures whenever possible, instilling in students a sense of pride in their own mother tongue, as well as respect for those who belong to different cultures and traditions.

Throughout the school we place a high value on the Arts and students are able to take part in; school productions, talent shows, music concerts and art exhibitions. They are encouraged to learn an instrument and are able to sit the London College of Music(LCM) examinations offered at BSL.

All students in Secondary follow the British National Curriculum that is respected all over the world as it allows the teachers to tailor the programme of study taught to the needs of the individual students and to the community. In Year 10 and 11, the students then join the two year IGCSE programme and are given the opportunity to join the prestigious International Duke of Edinburgh award that promotes leadership, endurance and physical challenges. The DofE programme continues into the Sixth Form as part of the CAS activities. In Year 12 students begin the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which is held in high regard at universities all over the world. We are fortunate also to be able to offer the option of following a Bi-lingual pathway.

At BSL we value what has become known as the 21st Century skills. These complement the skills set out in the IB Learner profile and we encourage our students to take risks, take on leadership opportunities, to develop their thinking skills, to develop their creativity, to work as a team, to be open-minded and to care about the school and wider community. 

Helen Bowen 

Head of Secondary